Welcome to the Fun King Garage! This is the website for support of our YouTube channel which can be found HERE!

Fun King Garage was created to showcase the projects done in the garage. It might be repairs, upgrades, welding, building, wood working or even working on the garage itself.

Glenn has been turning wrench on cars since high school (late 80’s/early 90s,) and on bikes, mowers and other things since way before that. He is skilled in woodworking/carpentry, house building, electrical, plumbing, auto repair, auto customizing, upholstery, window tinting, computers, electronics, 3D Printing, cad design, and so much more. (Jack of all trades… master of none. LOL!)

We will be showcasing many of these talents on this channel. The goal for this channel is to grow it (obviously) and maybe even add a few more personalities (people, not Glenn’s other personalities) into the videos.

Some of the projects seen here are ours and some are for others and used with permission.

Thank you for being here and I hope you subscribe!